Dig it, Build it, Ride it, Race it!


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Get Invloved

Members get ONE voucher that earns them, on the day:




Every Dig you will get a Voucher that entitles you to :

A Free Tea or Coffee and staff prices on any other drinks and food at Pedalabikeaway.



10 Digs and you've earned a Forestry Commission Annual Discovery Pass (free parking)




20 Digs and you get 10% of Bikes and Bits at Pedalabikeaway.


Members benefits

Every Trail Dig

10 Trail Digs

20 Trail Digs


Build Days are posted in Events on our Facebook Page


We provide all the tools but if you have your own feel free to bring them along.


Appropriate clothing, gloves, boots etc.. are down to you :)


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All donations will go towards new trails and ongoing maintenance.


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Dates for when we dig can be found on our Facebook page