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Keeping you up todate with trail acitvity in the Forest of Dean.

By admin, Jun 18 2018 11:48AM

DTV are busy at present, currently building a new section on the RED Freeminer trail.

New volunteers are always welcome and we have a donation box in the Pedalabikeaway Cafe plus stickers available to purschase in the shop.

By admin, Mar 17 2017 10:29AM

pdates for those that don't know :) Bottom of Ski Run mods done and open, Top of Ski Run material has been dropped off for new tabletops off the start mound, Bottom of Mr Rooty mods done and open, Skills Area and Pump Track opening April 8th, Corkscrew mods nearly finished, Launchpad Extension CLOSED & ONGOING half surfaced and bottom mods done, WL tracks CLOSED & ONGOING as no new volunteers have come to help so slow progress, all in all Pretty good for a few guys and less than 3 months if I say so myself imagine what we could do if there were a FEW MORE OF US

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